Hear from athletes and coaches who have been impacted by WhoUWith? Ministries.


Jordan Matthews

Vanderbilt Football, 2008-2012
All-time SEC Receptions & Yardage Record Holder
Philadelphia Eagles

“During my 4 years of college I can't think of another organization that had the same impact on my spiritual growth than WhoUWith? Ministries. From Tuesday night meetings to the always deep ‘Dirty Dozen’ Bible studies, WhoUWith? supplied me and other VU athletes with an amazing environment to build a relationship with Christ. I'll forever be grateful for the impact WhoUWith? has had on my life.”


Warren Belin

Vanderbilt Football LB Coach, 2002-2008
James Madison University Football LB Coach

“Since 2002, as a former member of the Vanderbilt University Football program under Coach Bobby Johnson and Coach Derek Mason, Bro. B, his wife, Aimee, and WhoUWith? Ministries have impacted my life forever. From day one, Brother Brown through WhoUWith? Ministries has walked with me in all aspects of my life especially in my Christian journey as a husband, as a father, as a friend and in the profession of coaching college/professional football.”


Andre Hal

Vanderbilt Football, 2008-2012
Houston Texans

“Playing football in one of the toughest conferences in the country and also going to school at one of the top universities in the country was very difficult at times and I am so thankful my teammates and I had Brother B and WhoUWith? Ministries. Those Bible studies and talks we had really helped us maintain a positive attitude and gave us hope when we needed it the most.”


Aby Carr Paulson

Vanderbilt Soccer, 2011-2014

“My college soccer career had several ups and downs. I would have struggled to find purpose in it all had it not been for WhoUWith? leading me closer to Christ along the way. The foundation of faith in my life laid through the impact of WhoUWith? has carried well beyond my time at Vanderbilt into my career, friendships, and most recently, my marriage.”


Brian Miller

Vanderbilt Baseball, 2012-2014

“WhoUWith? played a huge role in my college experience. In my three years at Vanderbilt I grew tremendously as a man and as child of the King. Whether it was through one-on-one meetings, team chapels, or group Bible studies Lance was always there to remind us what and Who we were playing for.”


Casey Bakker

Vanderbilt Lacrosse, 2009-2013

“Without WhoUWith? Ministries I am not sure I would have graduated from Vanderbilt. Brother Brown and Courtney were the leaders I had been looking for during my time at Vanderbilt. They became mentors and friends as I started my walk with Jesus. They helped me explore and grow in my faith with patience, understanding, and no judgment.”


Mandy Rowe

Vanderbilt Cheerleader, 2011-2014

“A friend invited me to WhoUWith? one night, and it quickly became my closest group of friends, confidants, and role models. Four years out of Vandy and I still do Bible studies with girls I met through WhoUWith!”


Andrew Jelks

Vanderbilt Football, 2012-2016
New England Patriots

“The Lord works through Brother B and WhoUWith? to bring young adults to Christ. I was a young, broken college kid but looked like I had it all together on the outside. Without Brother B and WhoUWith?, I do not know where I would be today.”


Warren Norman

Vanderbilt Football, 2009-2013

“WhoUWith? was the main thing that attracted me to Christ at Vandy. Trying to grow as a Christian as a 19-year-old college football player is hard. Brother B and WhoUWith? helped me to stay fixed on Jesus when there were so many other things that were fighting for my heart and my attention.”