Investing in their lives, so God can…
Inspire their hearts, so they can…
Impact our world!


We tell our coaches all the time, “players don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” And this is the same approach our staff takes each day with the athletes and coaches we serve with the Tennessee Titans, and on the campuses of Vanderbilt University and Belmont University. We look for opportunities to build personal relationships within the arenas of college and professional athletics. We believe investing in the person’s life will earn the trust to speak into their heart.

Ways We Invest:

  • Intentionally being aware of service opportunities with our athletes and coaches. Examples of this type of investment range from prayer cards in their lockers to hospital visits prior to surgery.

  • Being present for training sessions and games.

  • Creating time to hear an athlete or coach’s story and seeking ways to encourage them to live out their faith as they compete, learn, and lead daily.

  • Being sensitive to physical and emotional needs, not just spiritual needs.

  • Offering encouragement and prayer as athletes and coaches face the common challenges of life in the world of sports.


We believe the truth of God’s Word and the love and grace of Christ are the only ways to see real life change.  “Brother B” says all the time, “At the heart of any issue is a heart issue.”  The greatest, and only way to achieve outward change is for there to be a Christ-centered inward transformation.  Through weekly one-on-one, small group and team opportunities, we have seen God inspire athletes and coaches toward true heart and life change. 

 Ways we Inspire:

  • Sport-specific Bible studies.

  • Team Chapels.

  • One-on-one or small group discipleship.

  • The Anchor: Our bi-weekly all-athlete worship gathering.


When there is genuine heart change there will be life change.  We believe that the athlete and coach who truly understands the love of Christ will feel compelled to share that love with the world around them, starting with their locker room and then expanding to the campus, their family, and the local community.  We live in a sports-driven world where athletes and coaches are viewed as modern-day gladiators and heroes.  Who better to have an impact for Christ on our world than these athletes and coaches?

Ways we Impact:

  • Providing community service opportunities.

  • Foreign mission trips.

  • Leadership and personal development designed to launch college athletes as Godly men and women prepared to have a significant impact in the marketplace, the local church and their future marriages/homes.